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You want to help your pets stay happy and healthy. This can sometimes include more than buying the right food and getting plenty of exercise. At White Rock Animal Hospital, we aim to help pet owners better understand all the ways they can keep their animals healthy in Dallas, East Dallas, Lakewood, Lake Highland, and Lochwood TX. Keep reading to learn how testing and proper diagnosis can affect your animal's long-term health. 


Annual Screenings

The most important types of tests your pet will get are annual screenings. These are routine tests that the veterinarian will administer to your animal at their regular vet checkup. These screenings are customized based on your animal's species and breed. 

Dogs- Dogs will usually need blood work, a urinalysis, a fecal analysis, and perhaps thyroid hormone testing. These tests can help the vet detect any conditions that could be developing with your pet. Early intervention is crucial to getting the appropriate treatment at the right time. Cats- Cats will have the same types of screenings as dogs, along with further screenings for feline cancer. 


The other important type of testing your pet may need will be diagnostics. The doctor will perform diagnostics to determine any problems. Usually, diagnostics will be performed following an injury or any visible signs of pain or distress. Diagnostics can include x-rays, ultrasound, and other types of tests. 

These tests can be crucial in getting your pet the right treatment quickly. This is especially true if your pet has recently been injured. Problems such as internal bleeding can threaten an animal's life if not treated quickly. Diagnostic tests will pinpoint the location of the injury so that the vet can develop a treatment plan. 

Diagnostics can also sometimes help the vet figure out a long-standing problem an animal has been having. Problems such as tumors can only be detected through state-of-the-art diagnostics. If your vet recommends any type of preventative screenings or testing for your animal, it is good to have these done as soon as possible. 

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