Pet Surgery

Preparing Your Pet for Surgery

Pet surgery is a very challenging undertaking even for the most experienced veterinarians. If your pet needs surgery and you live in the East Dallas, Lochwood, Lake Highland, or Lakewood area, call White Rock Animal Hospital to get your pet the proper veterinary care it deserves. Before you take your pet in for surgery, you have to prepare it. Our veterinarian will have some instructions that are unique to every patient, but in general, these are some tips on how to prepare your pet for surgery.


No Food the Day Before Surgery

You will have to avoid giving your pet any food if it is scheduled for surgery. The animal tranquilizers and anesthesia that is given just before surgery can inhibit the swallowing reflex. Therefore, your pet will not only vomit the drugs but also, if weak, it may be at risk of inhaling the vomit and choking. Doing so can turn fatal very fast. The vet will give you instructions as to when to start the fast. There may be exceptions to this such as fatigue and medical conditions like diabetes.


No Water the Day of the Surgery

Preparation for pet surgery may also mean that you don’t give your pet water on the day of the surgery. Just as with food, you risk your pet aspirating when it is receiving anesthesia if you allow it to drink water on the day of the surgery.

As we have seen above, aspirating during anesthesia can have fatal consequences. Therefore, on the day of the surgery, you should remove all water that your pet can drink from the premises. If you cannot you may have to lock your pet up until you take it to the animal hospital.


Wash Your Pet

Your veterinarian will also likely tell you to wash your pet the day before surgery. Good hygiene reduces the chances of infection occurring during the procedure. You should wash your pet thoroughly using a disinfectant shampoo and warm water from head to paw. You may have to do a little extra scrubbing before you take your pet in for surgery. Make sure your pet stays clean until it reaches the vet’s office or all your washing, scrubbing, and drying will have been for nothing.


Arrive Early on the Day of the Surgery

It is a prudent idea to drop off your pet at the veterinarian’s office early in the morning on the day of the surgery. You should do so even though the surgery is scheduled for later in the day. The reason is that by dropping your pet off early in the morning, you provide the vet and hospital staff more time to perform more testing, blood work, and catheter placement before the surgery. You also give your pet more time to acclimatize to the environment which reduces the chance of complications.


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If you live in the East Dallas, Lochwood, Lake Highland, or Lakewood area, and your pet needs surgery, call White Rock Animal Hospital today at (214) 328-3255. We understand that it's a scary time for both owners and the pet whenever surgery is needed. We’re here to help you and your pet through this by providing professional and compassionate veterinary care.

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