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Adopting a new puppy or kitten is adding a full-time best friend to your life. To keep your baby happy and healthy, you need a care plan to address serious concerns, such as vaccinations, and daily battles like flea prevention and chow time. White Rock Animal Hospital provides the East Dallas, Lochwood, Lake Highland and Lakewood areas with essential veterinarian services and puppy care and kitten care with all the cuddles and essential information new pets and pet parents need.


Puppy Care

One of the essential elements of puppy care is setting your pooch up for a lifetime of health by getting necessary vaccinations for parvo, rabies and other doggy diseases. As your pup reaches six weeks and becomes a bundle of mischief, contact your vet’s office to make an initial appointment for vaccinations. Core vaccines are recommended for six-to-eight weeks of age with additional shots to follow and boosters every few years. Your vet will provide you with a full vaccination schedule after the initial consultation.

Another key component of puppy care is feeding. Start your new friend off with puppy specific food blends until transitioning to adult food at one to two years. Many smaller and average size dogs can transition at one year, but larger dogs may eat puppy food for two years. After weaning, feed your puppy approximately four times per day. Use recommended daily portion sizes for your dog’s breed and spread them across four servings. At three months, adjusting to a three meal per day schedule is suitable, and at six to 12 months, you can transition to two meals per day.

“Potty training” is also key, and you need to start early. Take your puppy outside for potty breaks at regular intervals to start training them for when to expect a bathroom break. These breaks can happen before bedtime, first thing in the morning, after meals and after naps and playtime. Always tell your puppy how good they are for going outside to further the good behavior.

Kitten Care

Kitten care is very like puppy care with a few adjustments more for the feline mindset. For example, cats are far less likely to need repeat coaching to use a litter box. However, they are more likely than puppy counterparts to take exception to a routine being interrupted or the litterbox being moved.

Cats also need additional training to stop damaging behavior, such as scratching woodwork or furniture. Addressing these issues requires patience, positive reinforcement and lots of treats. You also need to present alternatives for behaviors you want to correct, such as providing a scratching post to replace chair legs.

Kittens also require a round of vaccinations and need them at approximately the same stages as dogs. Kittens like to be fed a few times per day, and as they grow this can be reduced to twice daily, such as at human breakfast and supper. Always keep a supply of fresh water on hand and consider using a pet fountain to promote adequate water consumption.

Cat And Dog Maintenance

At the initial vet’s visit, you can also discuss ways to protect your pet from fleas, ticks and other common ailments as they grow. You may leave with flea prevention medication for regular use and in the proper dosage for smaller animals. The visit also provides an opportunity to discuss the best time to plan for a spay or neuter appointment.

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