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Your pet's dental health is an important part of your pet's overall health which can often be overlooked. Dental problems that are not addressed in pets can cause other serious health problems to develop. You should have a yearly wellness exam for all of your four-legged family members at which time our veterinarian will inspect your pet's mouth. You should bring your pet to White Rock Animal Hospital for a dental check-up if you’re in the East Dallas, Lochwood, Lake Highland, Lakewood or Northeast Garland areas.


Signs of Pet Dental Problems

If notice any symptoms of your pet having problems with his or her teeth you should schedule a veterinary appointment. Some of the issues you may notice include bad breath, broken or loose teeth or extra teeth in the form of retained baby teeth. If the teeth are covered in tartar or discolored, they most likely need to be cleaned and examined for any underlying causes. If your pet exhibits abnormal chewing habits such as drooling or dropping food from the mouth, your pet likely has a dental issue. Some pets will refuse to eat or eat a lot less if their teeth hurt. Pets with pain near the mouth, bleeding from the mouth or swelling around the mouth need to be seen by a vet immediately.

What Causes Pet Dental Problems?

Pets rarely have cavities as humans do, but a pet can have many issues with their teeth just as people do. The causes of dental problems include periodontal disease, broken roots or teeth, infected teeth or abscesses, tumors or cysts in the mouth, misalignment of the teeth and bite, a broken or fractured jaw and a cleft palate.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is the most common condition found in pets and all pets have some evidence of this at about three years old. It starts with plaque on the teeth that hardens into tartar. When the tartar is above the gum line it can easily be scraped off and cleaned, however, if it is below the gum line it makes way for infection and causes damage to the jaw bone and underlying tissues. When your pet receives an annual checkup, periodontal disease can be detected and eliminated quickly. Advanced periodontal disease causes severe problems and great pain for your pet. It can also trigger other serious health problems such as kidney, liver, and heart muscle changes.

Trust Certified Veterinarians for Pet Dental Care

Our team at White Rock Animal Hospital in East Dallas is highly experienced in providing pet dental care to keep your dog or cat's teeth clean, shiny and healthy for years to come. Call us today at (214) 328-3255 or bring your furry friend in for dental care if you’re in the East Dallas, Lochwood, Lake Highland, Lakewood or Northeast Garland areas.

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