For the past 26 years, I have trusted White Rock Animal Hospital with all my “fur babies”, from my first West Highland Terrier, Mickey, to my Westies Jack (13), Oliver (14) and cat, Rey (4).

Dr. Bob Hawthorne and Dr. Patty Williams are caring, empathetic, and extremely knowledgeable in their care of animals. Their love of animal reflects in their treatment, and in taking the time to explain everything in detail. No fear of vets with my gang! They love them!

The staff at WRAH are also the greatest! From Cindy at reception, to vet techs Sharon, Renee, and Connie, all make you feel like family. My dogs LOVE boarding there, eagerly jumping out of the car when we arrive! I highly recommend White Rock Animal Hospital, and look forward to many more years of their care. They ARE the BEST!

Terry Moore

 There are so many things to like about White Rock Animal Hospital. What I am about to say only scratches the surface.

I like all of the people. Everyone is so personable and caring, from the doctors to the vet-techs to Cindy on the front lines. I like how everyone there treats my dogs as though they are their own. I like that only two long-time veterinarians practice there, so you are guaranteed to see someone who knows your pet rather than having to start over with someone new every time. I like the fact that both doctors are incredibly knowledgeable with years of valuable experience between them. I like that their MO is to use common sense rather than to go crazy recommending countless tests. I can show either of them a lump or bump on my dog, and they can usually tell me what it is and what to do about it without performing unnecessary and invasive procedures. I like how you don’t have to call to make an appointment, that you can simply walk in and they will always have the time to see you, even if you are a brand-new client. And I appreciate the comfort and support the entire staff provides when it comes time for “the unimaginable“ to happen.

My experience with White Rock Animal Hospital began in 1985. I had a Cocker Spaniel with chronic ear infections. I took him to a few different area veterinarians, the vet would take a swab and send it off, then after a couple of days prescribe a medication. This would fix the problem temporarily, but the infections would always come back and we would repeat the drill. Fortunately, someone who had experience with “Cocker Spaniel ears” recommended Dr. Bob Hawthorne at White Rock Animal Hospital. I took my Charlie to see Dr. Bob, and within a week, Charlie’s ears got better and the infections stopped. A few years later, my other Cocker developed GME (Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis), a very scary neurological disorder. She was only three, but the GME was so sudden and severe I was sure I was going to lose her. Although GME can be fatal, Dr. Bob remained positive and we moved forward with his treatment plan. Maggie made it through, got back to normal, and lived to be over 16 years old. No matter how grim the circumstances may seem, both Dr. Bob and his associate Dr. Patty Williams project optimism with an easy confidence. They don’t sugarcoat things, but they both somehow manage to relay serious information in a way that makes it less scary – a quality that is priceless to pet parents like me.

Thirty-four years and eight dogs later I continue to believe that there is simply not a better veterinary clinic anywhere. Dr. Bob, Dr. Patty and their entire team are fantastic. I will continue to recommend White Rock Animal Hospital to anyone who will listen.

 Tammy Sherwood – Life-long WRAH Client


We have entrusted more than just our pets’ health to WRAH. Since 2015, my husband and I have trusted the amazing staff to care for our first furr-baby, Hershel. Now at 110 lbs, he’s grown into a big and strong boy. All of the staff have been quick to support us no matter how “small” the concern, like those nasty burrs and ear infections. Regardless of the distance, we knew that WRAH would be there to keep our growing family healthy for years to come. Words can’t express our appreciation for their kindness and care.

Thank you!

The Mocks - Marcie Adame

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