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Senior Pet Care

Older pets are beloved members of the family. Chances are that you already know the basics of senior pet care. You have noticed that your pet has slowed down so you have cut back on their calories so they don’t gain too much weight. You have made accommodations for joint issues by keeping them on one floor or making sure they can go up and down ramps instead of stairs. You help them stay clean and you keep them safe from encounters with aggressive animals. But there are some services that only your veterinarian can provide for senior pet. Here are some suggestions from Dr. Hawthorn, Dr. Williams, and the caring and experienced staff at White Rock Animal Hospital, serving East Dallas, Lochwood, Lake Highland, and Lakewood.


Senior pet care should always include dental care

It’s a great idea to train your pets to love having their teeth brushed at an early age. Without regular at-home dental care, most dogs and nearly all cats develop gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth decay. The smaller the animal, the bigger the problem with dental disease.

If you haven’t been brushing your pets’ teeth, it’s a sure thing that they need an oral cleaning and other dental procedures. White Rock Animal Hospital has complete facilities for keeping your pets’ teeth white, shiny, and functional for years to come.

Senior pet care may involve surgical care

Some pets go their entire long and healthy lifetimes without any kind of surgery. But many pets at the beginning and end of life need their veterinarians to perform safe surgical procedures. White Rock Animal Hospital has both the experience and the facilities to perform surgery safely for the best health outcome with the least trauma to your pet.

Chronic disease management is a common part of senior pet care

You may need to bring your senior pets in every six months or even more often for routine veterinary care as they get older. White Rock Animal Hospital can help you manage chronic conditions like diabetes and arthritis to keep your pet an active member of the family for as long as possible.

Your veterinarian at White Rock Animal Hospital welcomes all new patients!

White Rock Animal Hospital welcomes all new patients, both young and old. Our veterinarians have more than a combined 70 years of experience caring for pets of all ages, serving pet lovers, breeders, trainers, handlers, and pet shelters with a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic veterinary services. Request an appointment online or call us at 214-328-3255. Convenient to East Dallas, Lochwood, Lake Highland, and Lakewood, our offices are located at 11414 East Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX 75218.

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