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Flea & Tick Prevention

Keeping Your Cat Safe from Fleas & Ticks

Even if you keep your cat exclusively indoors, parasites like fleas and ticks can still get inside your home to infest your cat. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your cat from these pests. If you live in Dallas, Lochwood, Lake Highland, Lakewood, or the surrounding areas and are concerned for your feline friend, our veterinarians at White Rock Animal Hospital are here to help.

Parasite Prevention Medication

Protecting your cat has never been easier with two kinds of parasite prevention methods. The first is a spot-on treatment placed in between your cat’s shoulder blades. The second form of parasite prevention is a chewable tablet. Heartworm prevention is given in an oral form. Place the tablet in a pill pocket for cats or inside a bit of fresh chicken to get your cat to eat it.

Never Use Parasite Prevention Meant for Dogs

 Spot-on treatments or chewable tablets that are designed for dogs are far too strong for cats. Giving these can poison your cat.

Check Yourself When Coming from Outside

If your cat goes outdoors, then check it thoroughly for ticks. If your cat stays indoors but you go outside into areas with long grass or other tall vegetation, check yourself for ticks when you get home. Ticks can move from you to your cat.

Avoid Furniture Left on the Curb

It can be tempting to drive past a sidewalk and see furniture or a mattress that looks to be in good shape left out for the trash. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff? However, these items could be infested with flea eggs, bedbugs, and other insect pests. Free is too expensive if the items contain parasites or eggs.

Get Annual Checkups

Fleas transmit worms and mosquitoes transmit heartworms with their bites. By the time a cat shows symptoms of being infested by these pests, they can be difficult to treat. Annual exams from your veterinarian should always include a blood test for juvenile heartworms and a stool sample test to check for worms.

Get Flea and Tick Prevention at White Rock Animal Hospital

If you have questions about keeping your cat safe from parasites and live in the Lochwood, Lake Highland, Lakewood, or Dallas areas, call our team at White Rock Animal Hospital today at 214-328-3255 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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