Itchy Skin & Ear infection

Pet Itchy Skin and Ear Infections

For humans, itchy skin is an irritating, and uncomfortable sensation that makes you constantly want to scratch. It can be caused by as something as innocuous as dry skin, or something worse like an immune-mediated disease such as psoriasis.


For our four-legged counterparts, itchy skin and ear infections are also a problem. They can be caused by any number of things, such as allergies or pet illness, but unlikely to know for sure until you see the veterinarian.

Here at White Rock Animal Hospital in East Dallas, we can diagnose and treat pet skin and ear infections quickly to get your pet back to optimal health.

Itchy Skin and Pet Allergies

The American College of Veterinary Dermatology asks four basic questions when it comes to your pet's skin— Do they constantly lick and scratch? Do you notice hair loss or scabs? Has there been a change in your pet's coat color or texture? Do you notice a bad odor from their skin or ears?

The questions above are the same questions our staff and veterinarians will flag in any pet with excessively itchy skin. Chances are the itching is the result of food allergies, environmental triggers, or exposure to substances like pesticides.

Above all, pet allergies are like a puzzle veterinarians must work hard to solve. What's more, some breeds of animals are predisposed to allergies and may be more prone to have their system overreact to something once considered harmless.

Our staff can help determine the cause of itchy skin so appropriate treatment can be given to your pet. Diagnosis is typically based on a detailed history as well as testing. This will give us a better idea of what your pet is in daily contact with and what's causing the reaction.

Ear Infections in Pets

Ear infections are common in pets and don't discriminate between cats and dogs. Both will often show discomfort by scratching or pawing at the ear, shaking or tilting their head, or whining. Discharge from the ear may have an odor, and you may notice swelling in the ear canal.

Allergies can lead to ear disease or infection in pets, but they have a number of other causes too. Moisture inside the ear can grow bacteria or yeast, or your pet may have an autoimmune disorder or other underlying health problem.

If your pet is showing any of the typical signs of an ear infection, it’s important to stop in and see us here at White Rock Animal Hospital in East Dallas or call 214-328-3255 . We also serve the areas of Lochwood, Lake Highland,and Lakewood to meet your pet's healthcare needs.

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